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Badalona, our home

Badalona, province of Barcelona, is by population, the third largest city in Catalonia. Badalona is a city of sea and mountain. We enjoy of a Mediterranean climate, soft and humid. We have warm summers and a moderately soft winter. Badalona’s in a really well position, so is our real-estate office. 

The home of TwoKeys is in Badalona because unlike other big cities, Badalona offers the best value to live here, and that’s what we want to offer you. Another advantage of living here is that we are next to Barcelona, the capital and largest city of Catalonia, and El Maresme, composed of very important cities in Catalonia and Spain such as Mataró, Premià de Mar, Pineda de Mar, El Masnou...
One of the best things we have in Badalona is our beaches. We have a very complete urban beach, with walkways, bike lanes, bars and restaurants, parks for children and much more. While the beach in nearby Barcelona is mostly dedicated to swimmers and sun-worshipers, the beach at Badalona is home to a number of water sports and leisure centers offering a wide range of water-based activities. There are jet-skis available but if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing we got paddle surfing instead. It’s important to highlight that our beaches are very well connected with access to train, metro and bus. It is very well maintained and it is kept clean all year round. The atmosphere is unbeatable!

One of our most emblematic places is the Pont del Petroli, or Petrol Bridge. It used to serve for the offloading of petrol products from tankers that came to Badalona. However, a few years ago it was converted into a public walkway. Now it’s a popular route for beach strollers and joggers.

Badalona’s rambla is also an amazing place. It’s thriving with cafés, restaurants and local stores and is very much one of the key pieces of the city. Less affected by the mass tourism than its counterpart in Barcelona, the Rambla de Badalona is the main gathering point for locals and is home to some of the best restaurants in town.

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