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To rent apartment Barcelona

Before starting the rental process, it´s recommended to collect the necessary documentation. Apart from your DNI/NIE/Passport and a bank account in Spain with sufficient funds to cover all the expenses, these are the main documents you must have in order to rent a property:

If you work in a company:
  • Employment contract.
  • Three last pay-rolls / salary slip.
If you are self-employed:
  • Income statement.
  • Additional documentation such as invoices.
If you own a business:
  • Corporate tax statement.
  • Deed of the company.
  • Document certifying your relation with the company.
If it is a company:
  • Corporate income tax.
  • Income statement.
If you are an international client:
  • Income statement.
  • Any additional documentation certifying your solvency.
On the first stage the basic characteristics and requirements are to be defined: budget, property type, number of rooms, and location. These are the parameters that should be clear in order make the search more efficient. In case you need personalized assistance with respect to your search, our team will guide you through every step of the process thus assuring the success of the deal. You can search for your ideal property directly on our website or contact our team to provide you with the information on the properties that correspond to your needs.

While signing the contract, you´re required to have all the above mentioned documentation in order to complete the procedure.

Personal documentations: DNI/NIE/Passport according to the case.

References: we also are going to ask you for the references that would certify your financial situation depending on each specific case. These references could be, for instance, employment contract, pay-rolls and income statement, among others.

Bank guarantee: In some cases owner may ask you for the bank guarantee to secure the rent payment.

Remember, that if there are any questions left or you are not sure about something, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional staff speaks few different languages and will be happy to help you at all times.

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