viernes, 4 de enero de 2019

Documentation required to apply for a mortgage loan

1) Personal identification
National identity document or Passport
Foreigner's ID No.

2) Proof of income
· Salaried worker
   - 2 last salary slips
   - Income statement (1)
   - Letter from the company (2)

· Self-empoyed worker 
  - Income statement of self-employed workers for the past 2 years (3)
  - Annual Accounts for the past 2 years

3) General 

- Proof of other source of income

- Credit Report
- Bank statement of past 6 months

Of the chief address:
- Last mortgage statement
- Lease contract


(1)  Last P60: United Kingdom and Ireland
       Last Tax Return: EUA and Canada

(2) The company letter must indicate the type of contract, seniority, annual salary and post of the              employee.

(3) SA302: United Kingdom
      P21 or Notice of Assessments: Ireland
      Last Tax Return: EUA and Canada

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