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El Maresme, one of the regions of Catalonia

El Maresme is a region of the province of Barcelona (Spain). 
Mataró is the capital of the Maresme region and includes populations with a lot of personality and vitality:

Its coastline is known by tourists as the Costa del Maresme.

Why you should live in El Maresme?

It's a privileged area to live, to see your family grow, to discover new friends, to maintain your passion for life... Living in El Maresme means enjoying quality of life.

Here you will not only find beaches, tourism and fun; but quiet places to live, towns with spirit and charm, close to everything and away from noise, rush and traffic. Mint from the center of Barcelona and far enough at a time. El Maresme is the ideal place to live and work in a big city. Ideal for those who seek to enjoy tranquility, without giving up the privileges of living near a big city.

Many families are choosing to live in one of the towns of El Maresme or near the coast, because they have discovered a quality of life hardly surpassed by other areas of the Province of Barcelona.

You will find everything you need to enjoy a peaceful and happy family life. With an ideal climate, El Maresme can be considered a privileged region. Its geographical location and good communications also makes it one of its main attractions, since the connection to any point of Catalonia is easy and fast both by road and by rail.

Its proximity to Barcelona means that many people who work in the Catalan capital, but prefer a quieter lifestyle, choose small towns in El Maresme to live.

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At the moment, we only got a house for rent in Alella, Barcelona. 

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